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Kumusta po? Say Hello To PeterFever’s Filipino Models

The Philippines is known as a warm, friendly, welcoming country spread across 7641 islands off the coast of the Asian continent. And what better welcome has the island nation given us than the large number of superhot Asian models that grace the pages and series of PeterFever!

Filipino guys, also known as Pinoy, have a fine and famous reputation for being hot, laid-back, affectionate, passionate and uninhibited, and those qualities perfectly describe our crop of gorgeous island boys that spice up PeterFever. Just check out the cream of our Filipino and Filipino-American models (and you might find yourself checking out airfares to Manila!)

Click on any gallery photo to see it full size.

Check out their model pages, and the hot scenes and series of our Pinoy boys and don’t miss the great deals on your new PeterFever membership!

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