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Fuji’s Tokyo Twinkle

Fuji is a goodlooking stud with a boyish charm. He comes to PeterFever from the stable of stars at Japanboyz, and since he speaks no English, we find out about him with aid of a Japanese interviewer and translated subtitles. He’s 28, though he looks 19. He’s familiar with PeterFeverfrom watching our videos online, and he’s honored to be selected to model for us on our PeterFever East shoots.

He’s completely gay and proud of it, not so common in conservative Asia. He invites PeterFever viewers to hold back and just edge until the end of his video so that we can all cum together.

Back in the studio, Fuji pulls up his PeterFever t-shirt and grinds his lean muscular ass towards the camera. Sliding his gym shorts down, he reveals a sexy black thong underneath. Shirtless, we can admire the lean, defined body that fans have come to know and love. His dick is hard as he gives us a seductive look, and he plays with his nipple as he fondles the woody in his undies.

When he yanks the thong down his stiffy pops up like a springboard. As he smoothly beats his dick he pumps his hips. Fuji lies on his back and pouts his pucker, then begins to finger the tight smooth hole. Bent over and on his knees, Fuji holds his thong between his pearly teeth as he fucks himself with a pair of fingers.

Sniffing the thong, he reaches the point of no return. Cum splatters out of his rosy mushroom head and onto the soft stubble on his belly. He scrapes up a palmful of the sticky cream and licks it off his fingers.

Fuji is the newest PeterFever recruit from Tokyo’s JAPANBOYZ. See who else we picked up on our PeterFever East shoots this winter!

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