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From "On the Floor" Photo Gallery on

When I have time, I like to relax by watching episodes of Bleach and Naruto on I’ve been a Naruto fan since 2007 when the first episode was aired on Cartoon Networks in English. From then on I was hooked and waited patiently every week for the new show.

It wasn’t until a few months later that I discovered Naruto in Japanese with English subtitles was 50 episodes ahead of what Cartoon Network was airing. I remember one weekend I ordered a pizza and I watched the series for 12 hours straight naked on my bed; I only left my bed when I had to pee. I was so into anime that in 2008 I went to the anime convention in LA with my buddy, who is also an anime geek.

I started watching Bleach when Naruto was airing their fillers. Fillers are shows that go off the story line to allow the magna (the comic book version) to catch up; one show on TV equates to three manga.

What is your favorite anime?

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  1. YOU? An Anime fan? That’s pretty…epic. LOL

    I stopped watching Anime recently because the fans are a bit much at conventions. However, I do have my personal faves. They’re the ones that don’t have that strong of a fan base, like Kyou Kara Maou! (From Today, I’m The Demon King) and His & Her Circumstances. I think the less of a fanbase an Anime has, the better it actually is. Though I was a Bleach fan at some point. Ichigo’s too awesome. LOL

  2. Ohhhh, I like sailor moon, naruto, bleach, blood, death note, ghost shell, ooo I like so many. Haha love it when you show your geeky side it’s such a turn on.

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