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Gaysian Film of the Day: “Dew the Movie”

Many readers have suggested we do a post on Asian gay films, and we agree this is a great suggestion during #lockdown times when we need fun suggestions to occupy our time. Some recommended recent Thai independent feature “Dew the Movie” and so we set out to find the best way for viewers across the world to access it. The film’s plot is summarized as:

Pop and Dew are friends who study at the same school but slowly realize, that there might be something more than friendship between them. Unfortunately, they live in an era which isn’t open to homosexuals and thus the two get separated only to meet 23 years later.

-The Movie Database

Here is this moving romance in three parts, courtesy of

Part One with English subtitles
Part two
Part three

Hope you enjoy this one, and we’ll follow up by posting more suggestions and how to watch them, via YouTube, Dailymotion, Netflix and other streaming sources. Don’t forget about your favorite source of sexy Asian gay content, though–visit today!

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