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Sexy Korean Fitness Studs Get Your Booty in Gear

We’ve recommended thje online workouts of the HOT studs of All Blanc fitness channel on YouTube, and they’ve come up with another great way to get your ASS in gear during lockdown. Their 2-week booty blasting program will have your butt big, hard and yummy in no time flat–and what else do you have to do with your time right now?! So squat, lunge and shake that booty!

Try these routines and let us know how they’ve sculpted your perfect peach!

Ready, set, WORK that booty!
Try to DO the workout, not just stop and stare at the hot trainers!!
Shaping up nicely, is it?
After this regime, your butt must be flawless!

Now if you managed to actually work out along with these seductive young trainers, you must have a butt made for a marble statue! But once you have achieved that perfect ass, don’t forget us, your friends at PeterFever!!

Written by PeterFever

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