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The Base-Ballers

Time for another hot Asian hookup from PeterFever East, It’s a nice spring day, and what else would a couple of studs like Higaken and his edgy buddy Yusaku that batting some balls around. Starting outside tossing softballs to each other, when they come inside to shower their hands are cupped around each others’ balls. Yusaku shows off a perfect muscle body splattered with tattoos, and a big curved cock jutting out just below. When Higaken sprays him with the hand shower,things heat up even quicker and the two Japanese fuckboys head straight for bed.

Whispering sweet nothings to Yusaku while he squeezes and rubs his big pierced dick, Higaken can’t help taking it into his mouth. Then his wandering tongue flicks across Yusaku’s nuts and on down to his tight hole.

A spit-soaked finger follows, and Yusaku seems to be open and ready for some action. He climbs on top of Higaken and frees his cock from his white briefs. Once its hot and juicy from Yusaku’s mouth it pops up to its full length.

Higaken slides in gently at first, but once Yusaku’s got his legs wrapped tight around he starts pumping in deeper and faster. The teammates hold each other by the arms and keep close and connected. Holding Higaken’s nipples, Yusaku climbs onto his dick and begins a deep sensuous grind.

His pierced tool bobs up and down on Higakens abs with each stroke. heated up to the boiling point, the guys separate just enough to milk big creamy loads out of their straining cocks, splattering and christening the shiny black catcher’s mitt they used in their practice.

Whether you’re a pitcher or a catcher, PeterFever is sure to have something you’ll run the bases for!

Written by PeterFever

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