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Yusaku’s Special Massage

Horny Asian top Ryuji calls down to the hotel front desk for a “special” massage in his room, and is pleasantly surprised when it’s edgy Yusaku who shows up to work his magic fingers. The tatted masseur with a mop of shaggy hair starts where he thinks Ryuji needs extra attention, the lower back just above his muscular butt. Rubbing his built client’s strong shoulders, Yusaku rewards him with little kisses.

He slides off the towel to see Ryuji in the full naked flesh, and carefully slides a tongue into the tight crack. That gets a rise out of relaxed Ryuji, who rolls onto his back to see if his dick will get the same attention. Sure enough, Yusaku goes straight down to his client’s thickening crotch and gets a stiff mouthful. Rolling Ryuji’s cock around in his hot little mouth, Yusaku holds still as he gets facefucked by the horny Tokyo stud.

He twiddles Ryuji’s nips and slurps down his dick to the root. He squats acros Ryuji’s hips and gets his ass pumped full. Ryuji’s slick lubed-up tool plows straight up into his hole as Yusaku bends forward for a deep soulful kiss. Ryuji takes matters in his own hands, beating both their dicks together in one wet palm. He drills back into Yusaku’s butthole with a series of firm smacks.

They roll into doggy position and Yusaku arches his back to take every balls-deep thrust. Sucking each others’ tongues and beating their cocks alongside each other, Yusaku can only hold out a minute before his creamy load cums dripping down his nuts. Ryuji spurts out his wad, thanks him for an extra special massage and promises he’ll be back for more.

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