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Check These HOT Korean Sport Studs

Lately, trendy and cutting-edge Korea has taken the place of pre-economic crash Venezuela as the country most obsessed with beauty and fashion. Koreans are rightly proud of their strong, handsome, healthy men, as this recent article on Olympians as great to look at as they are at their athletic pursuits points out. Have a look at these Olympians for yourself, and decide (as soon as you wipe up the puddle of drool LOL).

Kim Won-jin

Kim Won-jin is a judoka who has represented South Korea in the 60 kg class at the Asia Judo Championships, Grand Slam, as well as the Olympics. Wonder if he looks as good out of that sexy uniform.

Chang Yong-heung

Rugby stud Chang Yong-heung certainly drew a lot of attention at the Tokyo Games with his muscular build and handsome looks. Although his team was defeated in the 11th and 12th matches, they did manage to break records for Korean rugby.

Oh Sang-uk

Oh Sang-uk is one of the top fencers worldwide, coming in first place in many competitions and he was a strong candidate for the gold medal at this year’s Olympics.

An Chang-rim

An Chang-rim has gotten attention for his muscular body that contrasts with a sweet baby-face. Voted one of the most popular athletes by Korean netizens, he won the bronze medal at the 2020 Olympics.

Jeong Seung-won

Even before the Olympics, there was a media buzz about Jeong Seung-won, a player for the Daegu Football Club. Who says that K-Pop is the only source of beautiful male beefcake?

Bet you didn’t know what you were missing with all these beautiful built Koreans–anyone for a “dirty weekend” trip to Seoul?

Written by PeterFever

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