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Vampires are so Last Year

Tanning Rooms
Tanning Rooms

I was blogging the other day about having to actually wear clothes outside now that Chicago is getting cold and I’m finding this is a big bummer for two reasons. One, I can’t walk around half naked all day showing off my muscles and two, with all the clothes I’m wearing I’m not getting any sun! I am starting to look like one of those Twilight vampires. (Although let’s be honest, I would be one of the werewolves, those vampires are too skinny.) But seriously, I hate getting so pale I look like I match the stark white walls of my apartment.

Buff Muscle and Tan Skin
Buff Muscle and Tan Skin

Thankfully, I found a great place that has some tanning beds so I can get a little infusion of vitamin D before I waste away. Don’t worry, I’m wearing sunscreen because unless I’m at one of my bodybuilding shows, I know the Oompa Loompa look is even worse than the vampire pallor. 

Some Nice Color, Don't You Think?
Some Nice Color, Don’t You Think?

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  1. Got once you said that in asia, if someone is dark means he is a labour ( or someone who works very hard )

    then, I dont understand why in the west (US & Europe) people purposely wants to get dark by sun bathing till some even got skin cancer.

    my advise is Just appreciate the fair skin you have,
    there is why there is Whitening cream in the market

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