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2069: The Military Infilltration

Article by Danny Zeeman

We have some exciting news in the world of PeterFever!

We are thrilled to announce the early holiday release of our newest movie 2069: The Military InFILLtration on PeterFever. Featuring an all new cast of talented actors, including Tony Genius, Jay Wu, Ander Wolfson and porn newcomer Pierce Brooks (pictured below).

New PeterFever model Pierce Brooks

PeterFever’s Production Manager Nolan Knox writes “Working on the production of 2069: The Military InFILLtration was a great way to end off 2023. Jay Wu, Pierce Brooks, Ander Wolfson, and Tony Genius really helped make this series come to life with all they brought to the table. The whole production went off without a hitch. Jay really brought the intimidation and domination aspect to the whole storyline while Pierce and Ander brought out the more comedic and submissive aspects of this production. Let’s not forget about how Tony was able to bring out a balance of these aforementioned factors, as well! Everyone was professional, friendly, and adaptable during the whole process, which made this one of the best productions that I’ve been involved in this year. I hope that everyone who watches this series will love it as much as we loved putting it together.”

Gay porn superstar Tony Genius in his PeterFever debut

I don’t say this lightly, but 2069 is a movie that really has it all. Hot actors, great locations, rough fetish sex, yet still with our characteristic PeterFever comedy. The actors took the script to a whole new level and really shined, bringing the movie to life in a way that was beyond all our expectations. With phenomenal Directing and Editing as well, I think this may be our best PeterFever movie ever and deserves to be a gay porn classic!

ALSO – you don’t want to miss the PeterFever premiere of Asian super muscle top Jay Wu!

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Written by PeterFever

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