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  • brookfield zoo
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    Brookfield Zoo

    Over the weekend, I took a trip to visit friends in Chicago to catch up and soak up some warm weather. After a heavy day of playing League of Legends and watching Orange is the New Black marathon, we went […] More

  • auto-or-manual
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    Auto or Manual?

    The best part of living in Chicago is that you can get to anywhere without owning a car, but now that I’m moving to L.A, my friend highly suggested that I needed a car. After doing extensive research on top […] More

  • keeporgiveaway
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    Keep or Give Away?

    Should I keep this or give it away? It’s a question I have to consistently ask myself as I decide whether to pack it with me to LA. For clothes a friend of mine suggested that if I only wear it less […] More

  • Spring Forward
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    Spring Forward

    I don’t mind setting my clock an hour forward even though I’m sleep deprived, but it’s like having bad jet lag. Every year when we Spring forward, my sleep schedule goes off for a few days. I know it might […] More

  • crazy week
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    One Crazy Week

    It’s been an amazing week so far. I finished up our production for Novella Season 2 that just finished on Sunday. I was living off Rockstars and Monsters drinks. It was the only thing that kept me going with an […] More

  • happy-halloween
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    Happy Halloween!

    Since moving to the Midwest, I’ve had a lot of fun experiencing all kinds of new things. One thing I did this weekend was go out to a pumpkin patch. In Cali, I was used to getting my Halloween pumpkins […] More

  • themarketfestival
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    Market Festival

    In college, I visited swap meets on my weekly basis and I was used to seeing very cool items at an affordable items. Last weekend I spent my weekend at The Market Festival in the West Loop of Chicago. I […] More

  • foodporntofoodcoma
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    Food Porn to Food Coma

    You guys remember when I visited Japan on vacation? While I was there I went to this awesome restaurant called Gyu Kaku. It’s basically the Japanese version of Korean BBQ – a K-Town staple and one of my all time […] More

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