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  • Andrew Christian Video Shoot2

    Andrew Christian Video Shoot

    Over the weekend, I had the chance to work with amazing models and videographers for an Andrew Christian’s promotional video. I was welcomed by the other sexy models with hugs and kisses. We were all there to promote their new […] More

  • raising-awareness
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    Raising Awareness

    Element Magazine presented 2014 Asia Pink Awards in Singapore, it’s the magazine I have been writing fitness article since last year. They had honored 15 inspirational heroes in the community, such as M Ravi, a Singapore lawyer, who is advocating for gay rights. […] More

  • keeporgiveaway
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    Keep or Give Away?

    Should I keep this or give it away? It’s a question I have to consistently ask myself as I decide whether to pack it with me to LA. For clothes a friend of mine suggested that if I only wear it less […] More

  • perfect-fit

    The Perfect Fit

    I’ve been struggling with finding jeans that perfectly hug the curves of my body for years now. As a body builder, it’s hard to find clothes that fit well off the rack, no matter where I shop. The combination of […] More

  • fuckslimfit

    Fuck Slim Fit

    I love working out, but the only bad news is that you are limiting the types of clothes you can buy. For years, I’ve been training my body to be muscular and healthy. That said, I’m never going to stop, […] More

  • spring-cleaning

    Spring Cleaning

    I know this is late for Spring, but it’s just started for me. I’ve been waiting to open up my storage so I can switch out my wardrobe of winter clothes with a new wardrobe of summer clothes. I’m really […] More

  • nomoredarkcolor

    No More Dark Colors

    I love cats and the color black, but I have to chose one. Ever since I had cats, I spend countless hours lint rolling my black clothes. I go through a pack of lint roller like a box of condoms. […] More

  • Im-going-back-to-cali_header

    I’m Going Back to Cali

    When I’m packing up to travel back to LA, I sing that song ” I’m going back to Cali”. I’m going to be away for two weeks and you would think I would need 2 large suitcase for the duration, […] More

  • christmas-gifts
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    Christmas Gifts

    My entire friends and family knew that I’m living in Chicago where is gets cold and snows. So I was expecting gifts that were winter related, but I’m not sure if they teams up and got me a gag gifts. […] More

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    Packing for LA

    I’m heading to LA for a whole week during Thanksgiving to see family and friends. I usually don’t pack much when I’m traveling because I like to pack efficiently and I don’t like to come home knowing that I didn’t […] More

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