I’m Going Back to Cali

All Packed
All Packed

When I’m packing up to travel back to LA, I sing that song ” I’m going back to Cali”. I’m going to be away for two weeks and you would think I would need 2 large suitcase for the duration, but I learn to pack light from all the years of traveling overseas. 

In my green bag I have:
9 underwears
5 pairs of socks
2 jeans
1 dress pant
1 dress shirt
1 sweat pant
1 short
6 shirts
2 sweaters

In my pink bag (my emergency bag) I have:
3 bottles of lube
48 condoms
3 enema kit
48 herbal sex pills
2 whips
1 bottle of Johnny Walker

Pink Bag of Goodies
Pink Bag of Goodies

If I knew I wasn’t going to be involved with bunch of horny fuckers, I would have left my pink bag at home. Well if I arrive at your place with my pink bag, you know the procedure.

Ready for Some Skyn
Ready for Some Skyn

Written by PeterFever


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