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    Let’s MeetUp!

    Hey crew, have you ever wanted to get into photography but don’t know where to start? I am teaching a class for beginners and intermediate photographers. Whether you are trying to pick up the hobby or hone your skills, I […] More

  • arts district

    Arts District

    As a citizen of Los Angeles, I love how huge this city is. There are so many different neighborhoods that all feel like completely different worlds. Today I went downtown with some friends to wander around the ever-changing Arts District. […] More

  • lighting
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    Looking Your Best

    One of my passions is being behind the camera. I want to share a tip with you that I’ve learned working with cameras. The one thing that both the photographer and model need to be aware of before shooting is the lighting. […] More

  • shutterbug

    Shutter Bug

    When I’m out on a nice day with my camera and I want someone to take a photo for me, I used to find a stranger who was taking photos and would ask if they wanted me to take a […] More

  • hawaii

    Vacation in Hawaii

    My group of friends wanted to go on vacation to Hawaii and the first thing I thought of was “it would be nice to finally visit Hawaii to relax.” All the times I’ve been to Hawaii I’ve been working on […] More

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    I Got My Ass Beat Up!

    It’s all happen yesterday after work.  I was exhausted from training all my Wednesday clients at the gym up until 7:15 PM, which was a full day because everyone prefers to train Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I received a text… […] More