I Got My Ass Beat Up!

It’s all happen yesterday after work.  I was exhausted from training all my Wednesday clients at the gym up until 7:15 PM, which was a full day because everyone prefers to train Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I received a text…

Peter Le Gym Mirror

from my best friend and I scheduled to meet my friends in the city to attend a comedy club at 8 PM. Now here the trick I had to rush home (5 mintues door to door), walk PJ, shower, change into something decent, drive 45 minutes to the city, pick up a friend, and find parking. I manage to complete everything in a hour and barely missed 5 minutes of the first act. Now being last ones to the show, the host sat us right in front of the stage. I was little embarrassed because the comedian made a joke about being late.

After the show, we grab Mexican food from a hole in the wall at the Tenderlion district and stood outside eating our food while we watch homeless people who smell like piss walk by. We got back in the car and found a bar and realized that we crashed a engagement party at a bar.

We regrouped and drove to another bar down the street in the North Beach District. We drank beer and mingle with few locals and left. We picked up some pizza and ate  before we drove home. It’s 2 AM and I’m home, but I felt bad that PJ was home most of the day, so I walked Pj until 2:30 AM. By now I’m just tired from everything, I closed my eyes and only manage to sleep for a few hours because of the alcohol. This always happens, if I lose sleep it’s from drinking too much.

With only 5 hours of interrupted sleep, I’m wide awake at 9 AM. I drove to Mission Peak to hike for a few hours with another friend. We hiked for 2 hours until I started to get sunburn. I was craving pizza again because I’ve been dieting from last week and stopped at a pizza joint again and chilled until 3 Pm. After being in traffic for an hour, I rushed home to walk PJ for an hour and stormed to walk. I trained a couple of clients and was pooped out.

So, after the entire day of rushing from one appointment to another, I manged to focus killing myself. I stacked on the weights like there was no tomorrow, I trained for a good hour. In that hour, most of the time I was trying to stay awake because if I relax my muscle during my lifts I could really hurt myself. I kicked my ass like I was getting revenge from my childhood bullies.

Attached is a photo from my post killer workout and now, I’m debating whether I should go out again tonight!

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  1. Peter,
    That is why my health consciousness is working full tilt now, because I may have dodged a bullet mistreating my body all those 4 +yrs.Now, no drugs, the occasional beer or wine, no red meat, mostly fish(salmon), steamed food.I lean towards healthy asian foods. i.e. vietnamese noodle soup, etc..The parties were a lot of fun, Peter Le, don’t get me wrong. I picked up people-skills that serve me well now.In a perverse way, I liked being known as last to leave any party.At 67+ WOW what’s to show for THAT, huh.?..(lol). Knowing how I mistreated my body then, I had much atoning to do. The bitch part was, that my marriage had to blow up, and blow up everything with it BEFORE I began to “see the light”.I came out of the debris with much help + counseling………Since retiring 07/02 I have had ironclad control over my intake.Water is my best friend, steamed everything next.I avail myself of every up-to-date medical test: Bodyscan. colonoscopy.nuclear heart stress test. All AOkay, so I have to believe my Karma has found its place.NOw, I have to deal with my contemporaries whose bodies are starting to break down.Friends I have nowadays are in their 40’s, still working- and are “2 busy” to listen to my health warnings.And so the cycle continues…Peter Le you were blessed with good parents who allowed you the freedom to develop yourself, ALSO very helpful was you KNOWING what is in your heart at age 12.???Extraordinary, now stay strong, hold on to your early dreams, and you will stay healthy well into YOUR retirement years..I’ll be cheering you on from afar….Peter

  2. Peter,
    At your age you CAN still burn the candle at both ends.Looking back, I did the same until about age 33/ all night, get home at 3am, nap, get up at 6am go to work(YES, even heavy duty work like UPS delivery driver jumping in+out with a package on your shoulders.)….Then in 1979, when I became a REAL DAD, those midnight feeding WILL put a stop to that.But MORE than that, I got tired of going to parties.”Whatchu-up2,man?”Getting the same answers back.I found the one true love of my life: my son, that is truly unconditional love, with nothing asked in return, YET I feel I got BACk more than I gave to him.So, Peter Le, have at it, because -as I said before- Father time WILL have his way.Just have the proper nutrition and go for your long term prospects.INcorporate, invest in the RE NOW, buy income properties at firesale prices, so you will NEVER have to answer 2 answer 2 people who don’t know their A from their elbow.U may never get 2 the I give my fans the cumshot they have ached for all these years, because once you do, you will become just another one of thhe dime-a-dozen hardcore site operators. If you want 2 get your bearings for your future, just look at your cute niece/nephew.They grow up WAY 2 quickly. They will llove their Uncle Peter no matter what..Stay strong..Peter

    • your late night adventures are crazy, I don’t think I can stay up more than two nights, my body feels the side effects from training the next day.

    • Peter’s niece and nephew are totally cute ! I was surprised by how much his niece looks like him.. she could easily be mistaken for his little girl. 😉

  3. You mean that a young, fit guy like yourself couldn’t handle all of that? Just kidding. Get some sleep, don’t go out! Maybe you should have done a video of your adventures so we could have been there with you.

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