Vacation in Hawaii

My group of friends wanted to go on vacation to Hawaii and the first thing I thought of was “it would be nice to finally visit Hawaii to relax.” All the times I’ve been to Hawaii I’ve been working on video and photo content – I really didn’t make the time to enjoy Hawaii. Although I enjoy producing content and getting an even tan is fun, It would be a nice change for me to be in Hawaii wearing clothes and sight seeing. All those memories reminds me some of the photo shoots I did in the past. 

From Photo Set "Love Seat 1"
From Photo Set “Love Seat 1”
From Photo Set "Lifeguard Model"
From Photo Set “Lifeguard Model”
From Photo Set "Beach Runner"
From Photo Set “Beach Runner”




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  1. Go go go and take some hot and sexy photos with your friends, which make everyone have a great fantasy for you!!!

    By the way, can you post something that you eat everyday or how you gym that makes you have such a big change from the past till now!!!

    You are just gorgeous! Have a good day Peter!

  2. Hello Peter.
    Do you know that among your enoumous photoes, the ones those were taken in the nature (like the “beach runner” today) really express your wonderful essence most?
    I love your pure spirit and lovable energy.
    Have a nice vacation in Hawaii!

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