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  • Food Porn Party

    Food Porn Party

    I was at a party last weekend and they had the most interesting theme. I was invited to a food porn party. Basically you had to bring some type of food that was sexual. Everyone had a bunch of ideas, […] More

  • sundayfunday

    Sunday Fun-Day

    It was a hot day and my air conditioning unit was malfunctioning. The only way to stay cool this weekend was by having a pool party. I threw a small get together with all of my friends and things got […] More

  • themarketfestival
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    Market Festival

    In college, I visited swap meets on my weekly basis and I was used to seeing very cool items at an affordable items. Last weekend I spent my weekend at The Market Festival in the West Loop of Chicago. I […] More

  • sir-humpsalot

    Sir Humps-a-lot

    There are some things that are so crazy, they could only exist here in America, and Medieval Times is one of those unique things. For my fans who have never been before, it’s a restaurant combined with a medieval themed […] More

  • Ren Fair

    Renaissance Fair

    This weekend my friends and I spent a day enjoying the Renaissance Fair in Wisconsin. It was a cool seeing how things were like back in the days. I was able to throw a few axes, eat a tasty turkey […] More

  • friday
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    It’s Friday!

    You know what I love about Fridays? Being able to workout and play pool. Fridays are my favorite workout day of the week. Since I only workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I train extra hard on Fridays because I rest […] More