Lazy 4th of July Weekend

Book of Eli

After work, I usually get home by 1 PM and run errands. Since it’s a three day holiday, I suspect the mall is crowded with consumers looking for a great deal (I’m one myself since I need to buy a new microwave) and the roads are packed with beach goers. So, I’m just relaxing today and I have to admit that I’m going to do nothing exciting tonight. I have no intentions of drinking or partying this weekend because the police increased DUI check points all around the city. It’s pointless, to party tonight without any alcohol.

I finished watching the movie Book of Eli and I do not recommend this movie if you are looking for action; this movie is very similar to I Am Legend; slow and boring. I’m a little tired of being at home and I can’t neglect this 90 degree weather outside. I made phone calls to drag some of my friends to go biking and hopefully I have at least one person who wants to burn some calories exercising, if not, I’ll go alone.

This bike ride will last for 2 hours with few inclines with lots of tree shades on the path. I’m going to need plenty of water and some snacks in case I plan on stopping. When I was in high school, I used to ride this trail to the school once a week. Now everyone uses this trail, so I stopped because it was just too much people in the way. It should be clear today since people are somewhere else throwing BBQ.

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  1. Peter, take a rest; u do not like to watch the World Cup?

    It is quite entertaining to see 22 men chasing a ball and yet each have 2 in between their legs…..


  2. Peter,
    Now, I don’t know if I should bother with the book of Eli. Some months ago,I was at a friend’s house’s movie theater room, and midway the DVD froze, we ended up calling it a night since it was already2:30am sunday.Maybe I’ll rent it from netflix..Holidays are a good time to stay OFF the beaten tracks. 2 many DUI’s on the roads, enjoy the peace and quiet, it will do your nerves a lot of good, stay safe Peter…….Peter

  3. I agree with you about the Book of Eli, I fell asleep a few times. So what’s up with the blog articles with no pictures. I miss seeing you. Why don’t you add a pic of you in your biking shorts? You fan, Lance.

  4. Hi Peter, I hope you enjoy your 4th of July weekend. How long do you plan to live without the creature comforts of a furnished home ? I didn’t like ‘The Book of Eli’ either.. the movie tricks the audience into thinking that Eli can see.. and when I learned that he can’t, I felt like I’d been played.

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