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Leather Master Unleashed

My new Leather Master video has been posted to,
check it out and tell me what you think!

The Leather Master (046)

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Considerably, the article is in reality the greatest on this noteworthy topic. I agree with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your next updates. Saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the wonderful clarity in your writing. I will immediately grab your rss feed to stay privy of any updates. Pleasant work and much success in your business dealings!

  2. I suppose Peter is still trying to build up a buzz around the relaunch of the site from a while back and now with the launch of his personal blog.

    But I agree that paying $26 a month should include “money shots” by now. I used to subscribe before the redesign and when Peter got hard for the first time in the videos and images it was a big deal, after that the content seemed quite similar, but still sexy. So when the highly anticipated j.o video pops up it would certainly be a huge deal and I’ll pay up.

    I’d like to see Peter wear like a UPS delivery-guy or mailman outfit. (which was what I thought the Peter’s Package clips would be about…) Wearing a cap, short-shorts and a tight shirt with the short sleeves just above his bulging biceps. Perhaps to deliver something nice… Like a Fleshjack, which he has to demonstrate how to use!

    • Hey Ben, I used to write Peter and suggest sexy plots for his vids. Some time ago, I reluctantly quit Peter Fever.. in my case, because it’s content wasn’t hard-core enough to get me off. If Peter wants my money, he needs to sex-up his site’s content. He may not want to make j/o videos.. I can respect that.. and I’ll look elsewhere for Asian muscle stud materials. But his site is named ‘Peter Fever’ and when I joined, I thought it was gonna be as sexually ‘hot’ as he says it is.

      I mentioned Guy Tang in my previous comment, because he has a professional photographer light, set-up, direct and photograph his free-to-watch soft-core videos. The difference between his and Peter’s stuff is dramatic. Guy is a dancer, and an entertainer, and Peter is a trainer and body builder. They’re coming at the Asian muscle stud market from two different backgrounds. Peter has no history with the gay entertainment business or visual artistry. And the goal of training and body building is not primarily to sexually arouse the audience at a show.

      I love to look at Peter’s body.. He’s a stunningly beautiful man. He’s has a positive attitude, and he’s sweet-natured and engaging. He doesn’t need to become hard-core for me to appreciate him on lots of different levels. But if I’ve paid to belong to a muscle-stud site.. and want to get off, I need to see the real deal. JK

    • Hey Ben,
      Watch it. I’m a retired UPS guy..I have 4 decades on Peter Le, and I’ve written him about a surefire way of extending his career in front of the camera by ingesting the world’s most powerful food:SBGA (SuperBlueGreenAlgea) it contains all the amino-acids, minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, proteins the body needs.All we neeed to do is give our body that food to maintain optimum levels of health. It is only a matter of time before laughlilnes start to appear.People miss guessing my true age by at least 15-20 yrs, and I’m not in the business, just want to go into old age in optimum shape, and want to pass along this bounty which was send my way by a lady friend in 1994/95.Peter Le is -at this point in time- the most beautiful asian male on display, but you can spot little tell-tale signs that overusage is leaving its tracks, witness his foto gallery where his bottom is on total display. He’s free to ignore mine (and anyone else’s) e-mails, I just took a chance that he might want to extend his time in front of the camera, because we all -eventually- HAVE to defer to father time.Peter W.

  3. WOW Peter Wormer.. you really gave Peter the 411 on how dominance and submissive hand jive should go down. I’m with you about lighting and video recording Peter’s luscious butt hole.. if Peter’s set-ups don’t light his dark places.. we won’t see them. All of Peter’s videos could benefit from better writing, staging, directing, lighting and acting.

    If you want to check out some very creative, professional, sexy Asian muscle boy vids watch Guy Tangs. Guy is starting a pay to view site as well.. and he promises he’ll include hot j/o action and cum on cam.

    I’ve given up trying to ‘sex up’ Peter’s videos. I’ve written him a lot.. reminding him that when he’s doing something that doesn’t get his cock hard.. chances are it won’t get mine hard either. His latest blog entry ends with his hope that ‘we all cum a lot.’ I say how about he starts it off by making some jack-off videos where he cums a lot. I guess $26.00 a month just doesn’t buy what it used to.

    But I continue to wish him well.. From what I can learn by reading his blog and facebook entries, I think this must be an uncertain and maybe troubling time in his life. Good luck Peter.

    • JAKE,
      I’m just trying to help Peter Le slow down fater time’s progress.Let’s just hope that Peter Has fully protected his business by incorporating properly, and knock down the greedy IRS, I have had them in my backpocket for 10 long years, and it does NOT feel good.TIme marches on, and he needs to MAXIMIZE his marketability, hence my feeble attempts to try and steer him in the right direction..Peter W

  4. Peter,
    When people sit down to watch a movie, they are ready to suspend believe to go with the story.i.e.the burglary was not believable, many missed opportunities, even a chance to inject humor into it.But here is my critique NOT criticism on LMaster.The Master doesn’t enter with AUTHORITY.first footsteps sound tentative, not purposeful. then the master’s bodylanguage is not congruent with his title.The stagemovements nust be blocked to show the strongest moves. NEVER lateral or horizontal moves, remember, the lens is static, so your movements must create dynamic tension, that’s what is missing. Diagonal moves are most dramatic.You CAN show off that fantastic physique with forceful moves. THen, when pointing your finger, make it in a downward direction, you might flare your nostrils to show your dominance.The disembodied hand shold be palms up (in a supplicant’s position)..Then instead of the fingers of that hand go vertical, have them run gently horizontally over the ab packs, show the undulating packs.Near the end,while you undulate, bump and grind your posterior, have a reflector(soft light) aimed at your pleasure palace’s portal that haas just a hint of moisture along the outer edge, and your audience (who are waiting to see U go off)will go off like roman candle themsselves..Peter

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