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Video – The Window Washer – Part Deux

They say pictures are worth 1,000 words so here are 4,000 words for you. I have posted the new video on PeterFever.

Clips from Part 2 of The Window Washer.

The Window Washer Clip 1 Peter Le Peter PeterFever

Does it look clean enough for you?

The Window Washer Clip 2 Peter Le Peter PeterFever

Maybe I can use my Ass to buff it dry?

The Window Washer Clip 3 Peter Le Peter PeterFever

Are you ready for me to clean your windows?

The Window Washer Clip 4 Peter Le Peter PeterFever

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  1. Hey Peter:

    Question??..I wanted to be added as a friend on your MySpace page and I was not accepted…and I didn’t understand why?…just thought I would let you know I try it again…Thanks for your reply…JW..P.S…Do I need to send u a pic of

    • JW, I accept everyone, I just don’t check MySpace everyday. I approved a bunch today, you were probably in the group. If not, add me again.


  2. …Perfectly cleaned window, perfectly sculpted body, how about a wash for a perfect car? Wishiing all the and to KTown. Can’t wait to see it take care

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