Photo Shoot Near the Town of Baker

Peter Le melting the famous thermometerMy photographer and I  drove 2.5 hours from Hollywood Hill to the town of Baker for a photo shoot and it was worth it.  We parked off the road between Death Valley and Baker and  we captured some awesome photos.  The photo shoot lasted for 3.5 hours, mainly nude shots because I look better without clothes anyway. 

It was nice and peaceful at the desert because all I was standing on was soft dried up dirt and surrounded by beautiful mountains. I was in one of California’s deserts, but it felt like I was at a totally different country.  The sound of the wind soothed my sense of awareness and I felt calm.

After a long day at work, we ate a Big Boy’s Diner were I took this photo. It looks out of focus because it was shot at night. I’m off to Death Valley tomorrow for more photo shoots, I just hope that we don’t encounter any wind. I would hate having sand blown in my eyes and the camera equipment. I’m back on the road at 4am to catch the sun rise.

Written by PeterFever

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