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Impressive Rock Arch Photo Shoot

For weeks I’ve been receiving messages about my next photo gallery update, now the wait it over. All this training and dieting to be in the best shape finally paid off. It felt like I was preparing for a body building show again, but this time I didn’t always have to wear those tight trunks. These new photos gallery are different because it focuses more on the artist nude side of photography, where certain poses are as important as the backdrop.

I’ve been waking up at 5 AM for three days in a row last week while I was in LA to capture these breath taking photos just moments after sunrise. I’m glad that the shoot was in the morning because I always look my best when I’m dehydrated. I had a blast with this location because the weather was warm and I was able to flex and pose more fluidly.

The only problem doing the photo shoot at this location was the 3 hour drive and a few bug bites on my back that are starting to itch now. During the shoot there were times when it would sprinkle a bit. Afterwards I had the chance to see and take a photo of a double rainbow with my phone, which I posted on this blog a few days ago. I hope you enjoy and appreciate the style of these photos.

Clothed ArchNude Arch 1Nude Arch 2

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  1. Hey Peter great fan of your physique! Love those pics but I prefer the ones with you in those tight trunks .. It gives alittle bit of mystery and makes people craving for more heh!

  2. Peter, you are magnificent; I agree with @jake that the last photo is the best.

    You look like Hercules as well as Atlas that holds up the world;

    Nature does add to your beauty physical and everything is so beautifully captured.

    I like these photo very much. The hard work you put in is worth it.

    Thanks Peter; that is the only thing I can say.

  3. Hi peter,

    As I promised I will register on your blog and also leave a comments on here. Can you please approved my request on the email I sent you… TY

  4. .. are you Atlas holding up the world ? The natural beauty of the location.. and the stone arch are great compliments to your physique and the muscular contours of your body. I know you must get bored with studio photo-sessions.. you’ve done so many, and a beautiful natural setting like this probably gave you a much needed change.. and a fresh perspective on what you do. The last photo here is my favorite.. you look powerful and beautiful, and the colors and curve of the arch frame and enhance the curves of your body. Great Photos !

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