Cum Photos Accidently Released

In the Spring of 2008, before I started, I liked taking random photos of me and my partners naked in bed. I clearly remember this one time where I was so hard and so excited, that I pulled out quickly, slipped off my condom and cummed all over my partner’s back. It was the biggest load that ever shot out of me. I couldn’t believe it and decided to take some photos to show a couple of my close buddies.

From "On the Floor" Photo Gallery on
From "On the Floor" Photo Gallery on

A couple of weeks later, I went down to LA to visit my cousins and their friends. We all decided to go to Six Flags and took tons of photos throughout the day. It was a very fun day. As we were on our way back to their house, they wanted to check out the photos. Everyone in the back seat was laughing like crazy at the faces we were making in the group photos. Suddenly the laughing stopped, everyone got quiet, and they gave my camera back.

I didn’t really think about it at the time, but later that night I started going through the photos and saw that I had not deleted the cum photos. I burst out laughing. I couldn’t believe that I left those photos on the camera. I guess this was the beginning of because I decided to launch my site in August of 2008. Funny how things workout sometimes.

Written by PeterFever


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  1. that was funny lol:)
    i was just wonderin’ if your partner was a guycause based on on your story you cummed at
    his back lol it means that your partner doesnt have pussy lol .it also means that you have an anal sex.hehehe but your hotter if youre gay lol because if youre straight like the other guys they just want money and not a real love like a gay like you ..hehehe hope one day you could fuck me..btw im from the philippines .you have many fans here who wanna see you please do visit here in manila,philippines..youre such a wonderful person .dont forget that we your fans are just always here at your side to support you.thank you very much for all the orgasms that you are giving us.
    p.s:keep on jacking off and cumming
    see ya!:))

  2. Thats very hilarious n kinda cute…if its is becoz of that cum picture u create …well u r very creative n …hmm wish that I ‘ll ur friends back feeling the warmth of ur thick cums…luv u Peter…tak care..

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