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I’m Going to See Amma “The Hugging Saint” Tonight

Amma "The Hugging Saint"
Amma "The Hugging Saint"

I use to stay up all night to study for exams in college, but tonight I’m staying up for a spiritual event. I was introduced to Amma three years ago, a training client of mine volunteers at all of her events in San Ramon, CA.

Amma, which means “Mother”, is a spiritual master. She is also known as “The Hugging Saint.” Over the past 35 years, she has hugged over 25 million people. She will sit for 18-20 hours straight without any breaks until she has hugged everyone that has come to see her. The feeling is overwhelming. I have been lucky enough to have received hugs from Amma three times in my life. I’m going again tonight; but tonight is very special because I can ask her to give me a mantra. The program starts around 6 AM and will end at 10 AM, the next day.

Amma’s following donates to her charity which raises over $80 million a year now and funds orphanages, hospitals, a university, and dozens of schools.  But her giving doesn’t stop there, her organization is even better known for its humanitarian relief efforts around the world. When Katrina hit the USA, she was the first person to donate over $1 million in relief. And when the Tsunami hit India and Sri Lanka, she immediately pledged over $23 million but soon realized that wasn’t going to be enough and double the donation to $46 million.

Amma "The Hugging Saint"
Amma "The Hugging Saint"

I don’t understand how she can do so much. She was born in a poor, small fishing village in Kerala, India. As a child, against her parents’ wishes, Amma served the elderly, the poor and the sick; she even took care of the untouchables. She never had a spiritual mentor or guru. When asked about her religion, she responds, “My religion is love and service.” And after hugging thousands of people in a single day, a person asked if she was tired of listening to same problems and hugging people, she responded, “Where there is love, there is no effort.”

If you want to learn more about Amma, you can visit her website at:

Now check out this short news program on Amma – “The Hugging Saint”

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  1. Where there is love, there is no effort.” Wow I wish she could come to Thailand one day. Just to meet her one day is worth enough to live on another year. I also believe in Love and serving mankind. I am doing it now.Just like what u r doing Peter!! You have been a friend to many who can’t express their true selfs only through comunicating in front of the laptop or the computer. You’ve made an impact to some including me=)

    Love you
    A Thai fan GQ

    • After visiting her each time, I feel completely refresh, renewed, and at peace. That’s about all I want to share about my spirituality, because I need to keep at least one thing in my life personal since everything else about me it public. Thanks for understanding.

    • I understand completely. Thanks for sharing even a little. It must be a challenge maintaining some level of privacy in your line of work.

  2. I love seeing this side of you, Peter! She sounds like an amazing woman, and I’m so glad I know about her now because of this blog. 🙂 Wishing you peace and love.

  3. There is so much pain & suffering in the world. People are hungry for love. That is what has drawn me so much to Jesus Christ. That is why I want to share His love as well. Amma obviously loves people deeply.

  4. I have heard a lot about and always wanted to meet her. I hope you have a good evening and receive the spiritual guidance you are looking for.

  5. How nice of you to have a place for things like this in your heart! And I’m sure you will pass on that higher energy to all of your fans! Be blessed, Peter!

  6. its nice to know that you (peter) aren’t just someone partying and out to make money and grow fans but as you’ve probably mentioned before, have a spiritual interest and believes in something. i do believe in “spiritual masters” but the trip itself is probably an arm and leg but would like to visit one one day.

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