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Meet PeterFever at Gameboi Tonight and LA Pride this Weekend – YouTube

Muscle Flex
Muscle Flex

I will be at Gameboi LA, June 10 @ 10 p.m. I will also be at LA Pride this weekend. So come out and get your picture with me and help support Pride. I did a video for you guys to give you a sneak peak of what I plan to wear, but I’m sure this won’t be on too long either. As you know YouTube won’t let me show too much, but I know that a lot more ASS will be showing at Gameboi and LA Pride. Don’t miss out!

Gameboi LA @ RAGE

8911 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA  90069

Timoteo Underwear
Timoteo Underwear

Special Thanks to Timoteo for the Underwear



Written by PeterFever


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  1. Got a quick look at the vid but the link seems to have gone now. Anywayz u r always so hot. Keep posting hot pics and vids for Ur fans who cant get access to Ur website…

  2. Peter,
    You are so fucking hot! I would give anything to cum party with you. You are beautiful with your tight ass and smooth, olive skin. I could just lick you all over. I love your awesome cock, dude. You’re everything I could ever want in a guy. Maybe there’s someone like you out there for me. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for taking a picture with me and my friends last night. And sorry you had to take so many with us, it was the camera’s fault, but you made my night so thank you 🙂

  4. Yeah!! I want some more ass=))Wish I could fly to meet u in L.A, but impossible.So I send my heart to you instead. Have fun my boy!!

    Love ya!!
    Send us some pics and clips

    • Hey Blue, I got the arm bands and your nice letter. Would you mind if I blogged about SilentProtest8? I want to use the information on the cards you sent, if that’s ok? Also, I thought it was funny, I didn’t realize Blue was your real name until I read your letter. Thanks again!

    • They have banned me for just about everything else, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Basically I can be naughty or take chances on videos only once every six months on YouTube. Once I receive a violation, then I can’t do anything risky until they lift the ban. It is so stupid, because it is not even showing anything different thank 90% of what women show on YouTube, but that’s ok. Go figure.

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