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Love You Like A Love Song

I Love U
I Love U

I borrowed my friend’s CD to listen to in my car and I can’t get this song “Love You Like a Love Song” by Selena Gomez out of my head. When I was driving to San Francisco the other day, I had the song on repeat for over an hour; it’s very hypnotic and catchy. I feel silly moving my head to the beat in traffic, just like I’m in middle school again. Would you boop your head to this too?

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  1. At first, I hate this song. After listening to it again (and again) I love it. Unfortunately, the MV quite tacky. Try listen to Akcent “My Passion” .

  2. Lol its a pretty good song. Easy to get into its groove~

    Honestly… the video kinda ruins it for me. Like the song a lot, did not like the music video 😛

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