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Hard or Sensual?

After filming all of these guys for three days and 9 episodes for Season 2 of The Asiancy, you would think that the hardcore fucking and sucking is what turns these guys on the most. But after talking to all of them, it was the sensual kissing that really turned them on. That’s why I polled you guys yesterday to see what you would say and Kissing turned out to be the #1 answer for my fans too.

Eric East & Mitch Vaughn - The Asiancy Season 2
Eric East & Mitch Vaughn – The Asiancy Season 2

It’s funny because I use to skip all of that when I watched porn and only wanted to jerk off to the fucking. But now that I’m writing and directing it, I have to say the talking and the kissing is what gets me hot too. I thought I would share a couple of the behind-the-scenes pictures with you from Season 2 a little early. Make sure you join up to see all of Season 1, the behind-the-scenes videos coming out soon for Season 1 and then the premier and 9 weeks straight of Season 2 episodes.

Jessie Lee & Spencer Williams - The Asiancy Season 2
Jessie Lee & Spencer Williams – The Asiancy Season 2

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  1. Hi Peter you are my role model.. seriously. I used to skip the kissing and jump to the jacking off parts but now i start from the beginning and it turns me on so much more

  2. For me, it has always been the sensuality of the kissing, licking and playing with my hard nipples and the talking that gets me hot for what to come. Most of my bfs were older than myself and its really true what they say about an older lover being more experienced. Its like when you take more interest with the sensuality, you cum harder from the build-up.

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