Who Broke My Mala?

Today, my mala prayer bracelet broke when Dragon Lily (my cat) decided to chew on it. This is very special to me because it was blessed by Amma over a year ago and I say my mantra 108 times each night before going to bed.

My Mala is Broken
My Mala is Broken

You are probably wondering what a mala prayer bracelet is and how it is used. Well for Buddhist it is used during meditation to keep one centered. Mala simply means garland or rosary and the bracelet is normally made of wood beads from a sandalwood tree and it has 27 beads on it. So using it allows me to keep focused on the meaning of the mantra instead of worrying about counting.

When I say my mantra, it helps me stay calm and relieves my stress. This particular bracelet I’ve worn all over the world including my trip to Japan last year and more recently when I went sailing on the Pacific Ocean for 10 days.

I know things don’t last forever, but I kind of feel out of balance without it so I think I will find a place to restring it for me. After all, it’s not every day you great something like this blessed by Amma.

Do any of you pray, say a mantra or meditate on a regular basis?

Dragon Lily Broke It
Dragon Lily Broke It

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  1. I too am Buddhist. I can totally relate to feeling incomplete without your mala. mine is different as it’s longer and is wound between the hands. anyway, mine was stolen from the bag I carry with me when I go to the culture center to help out (as i carry lots of stuff when I go to the culture center)

    I pray twice a day, by chanting the mantra “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo” as well as two chapters from the Lotus Sutra (“Expident Means” and “Thus Come One”) I also practice the Ch’an art of action meditation.

  2. Meditation is as natural as breathing and just as essential to good health and a balanced life. We have to learn to exercise our will and put our attention where we want it, otherwise we are helpless and at the mercy of our undiciplined appetites and desires.

  3. I pray on a daily basis. Once I get up every morning, there is a spiritual ritual that I go through before as soon as I get up out of bed. If by some strange chance that I do not do this, I feel incomplete.

  4. I started Buddhism classes in January. I can truly say my meditation in the mornings helps each day. I hope all the blessings come back to your restrung Mala bracelet.

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