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I have always believed in focusing on your strengths rather than your weaknesses, which The Strengths Finder 2.0 book also agrees. I recently took a  personality test to find your strength traits because my friend wanted to know what category I fall into. The test took about 30 minutes to complete and I have to say it’s pretty interesting what I found about myself. 

From years of  paying close attention to my behaviors, I’m pretty much aware of my personalities  However, some of the traits from the test are surprising.  If you haven’t taken this test yet you should because it will help you understand  a bit more about yourself.

The test results showed my traits in order: Competition, Maximizer, Arranger, Command, and Relator. 

I definitely ranked high in the Competition category because  I’m always in it to win it. Maximizer, Arranger, and Command would have to be nearly a point or two off from each other. Relator would definitely be last. 

The book has a clear definition of each category, so if you wanted to read up on my personalities or find out your own, you should read the book. 


Written by PeterFever


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  1. thank you for flexing all those strengths for me on petephysique! you definitely took command, rearranged and maximized my lifestyle! through that Individualized Relation i Learned so much, i am Positive that Responsibly applying your advice in my life i am building up more&more strength and Fever than ever! 🙂 your unique personality has brought you a long way straight to the top of your community and i think you have earned and deserve every single inch of beauty you possess! thank you and your friends for reminding us of the Beauty of a Life lived with Pride and Confidence, in all aspects…

  2. Personally i tend to oppose the quantification and categorization of human beings and human behavior. that is, after all, how racism as we know it was invented.

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