The Asiancy Season 7 Preview
The Asiancy Season 7 Preview
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The Asiancy Season 7 Premieres April 18th

Just a Taste of What's to Cum
Just a Taste of What’s to Cum

This season on The Asiancy, we invite you to celebrate the marriage of CodaFILTHY and Diego Vena. The guys meet up at a romantic destination and get a surprise when Jessie and Eli present their naughty gift to the happy couple at the bachelor party. The joyous occasion takes an abrupt turn when Diego forgets his vows at the rehearsal wedding. With the lovers feeling distant the exes jump back into the picture and make them question if it’s really meant to be. Will love keep them together? Find out when The Asiancy Season 7 premieres April 18th.

Check out The Asiancy Season 7 preview below featuring Eli Lewis, Davey Anthony, Santiago, Ray, Jessie Lee, Jayden Ellis, CodaFILTHY and Diego Vena.

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  1. I got a feeling that the marriage of Diego Vega and CodaFILTHY sound more like a bad lifetime movie when everyone dirty little secret will either make them or destroy them. I can’t wait to see what happened in the seven season. Good luck to the future.

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