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Vote Tita Aida for SF Pride Community Grand Marshal

It’s almost time for Pride again! China, LA, SF, wherever you are get ready to celebrate your freedom to love one another and be proud of it. 

SF Pride will be happening at the end of June and a dear friend of mine Tida Aida is a part of the voting selection for Community Grand Marshal. I have known Tita for over 5 years and she has been heavily involved in the community.  I met Tita from the Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA), where she hosted many banquet events to raise awareness for HIV, AIDS, and transgender equality. She is bright, committed, and cares for our community. She deserves to win the honor of being the Community Grand Marshal.

You can learn more about Tita and vote for her here:

Click Here

Vote for Tita Aida
Vote for Tita Aida

Written by PeterFever

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