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Asian Boy Nation’s “Hungover Episode 3 Part 1” (Photos)

Thick Dick

In this “porno-graphy,” Rave Hardick, with the van dyck facial hair, will be topping Damien. Waking “him up,” Rave grabs his partner’s cock and is reciprocated. With an, “it’s not going to suck itself,” Damien goes down to prove his worth; fuck that boy can open his throat.

No giraffes were harmed during the making of this video. Now, back to Damien’s hole, Rave takes a face-first approach and eats before fucking. Palpating the bottom’s prostate, the top gloves to love then works his way in, nice and slow. These two act like their at summer camp, the bed may be softer, but the action is as “hard” as ever. The boy’s “blow it” on the next scene, in a good way.

Stimulate His Prostate
Stimulate His Prostate

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Asian Boy Nation’s “Hungover Episode 3 Part 1”

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