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BLACK PANDA, Episode Two: Panda vs the CIA

It’s back, and not a moment too soon. Here’s what’s happening back at the Panda lair! When we last left off, Agents Evans and Duran were hiding out watching The Panda Brotherhood feed their peckeranium to The Black Panther. They remained undetected as the action unfolded until The Black Panda himself caught them with their dicks in their hands.

The agents admit that they’re out for peckeranium and offer up their dicks and asses.

The Black Panda accepts their offer of sex and soon he’s on his knees servicing each of their massive American cocks.

He needs a bit more, however, and bends over to take Agent Duran up his ass while Agent Evans plows his throat. 

Another hot day around the Lair, isn’t it, Panda fans!  But there’s so much more fun and red-hot action brewing.  See all the XXX fucking and superhero mayhem in the upcoming episodes of THE BLACK PANDA porn parody, hitting the web every Friday on PeterFever!!

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