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Ray Dexter tapped as Andrew Yang for “Yang Gayng” Movie

We are beyond elated to announce today the first scene of our newest movie “The Yang Gayng” has been released on Filmed in Washington D.C. and based on Asian Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang, the hilarious series is meant to take a fun look at politics while also delivering a positive message.

The story is based on the fictional Yang’s quest to become President, aided by his “gayng” which includes his sexy intern Daniel Lewinsky (played brilliantly by Daniel Hausser), Chinese Investor China Gold the 2nd (Jessie Lee) and Yang’s “Chief of Stiff Dicks” Jake Perez. They will do “whatever it takes” to win, and of course that means there is plenty of erotically charged XXX action in true PeterFever fashion. 

“With so much hatred and division in our current political climate, I thought it would be fun to take a poke at our current discourse, while also elevating the fact that for the first time we have both an Asian and a gay candidate for President,” said Screenwriter and Executive Producer Danny Zeeman. “I mean this is huge… a true milestone and a topic I wanted to tackle in a fun way while also creating hope for the future, in that anything is possible in this country if we are willing to fight for it.” 

Directed by veteran PeterFever Director Guy Criss (formerly known as Koloff), the team created a successful mix of Porn and Comedy. 

“This was such an amazing production. The guys were great all around and we got to make a political comedy – in D.C. no less. This movie is sexy, smart, and funny with a great story line and really incredible sex. I smell an Oscar nod here.” 

Starring as Yang is Gay Asian porn star Ray Dexter, who has become a famous Twitter star amassing over 130,000 followers in a relatively short period of time due in part to his “XL sized” penis. In this movie he proves he is more than just a big cock, showcasing his excellent acting abilities.

“I have to say, playing Andrew Yang was a lot more fun than I anticipated. I was very nervous about doing the whole project, but it all worked out beautifully in the end. I had to watch videos of him doing interviews in order to try to capture his character with the way he talks and study any mannerisms he had. Although I don’t look exactly like Andrew Yang, I did my best to encapsulate his characteristics and hopefully, I did a good job!” 

Daniel Hausser and Ray Dexter in “The Yang Gayng”

Ray went on to explain why the role was so important for him.

“For me, I feel that being a gay Asian-American porn actor is really empowering. I am extremely proud to be Asian and doing this role because it allows me to express myself, be heard, and be seen and I hope it inspires other Asian men to do the same. To finally have an Asian-American presidential candidate that actually has a shot at getting elected into office, it’s amazing to see how the world has progressed, despite some of the setbacks we’ve had in the last few years. You see Asians taking over Hollywood with Crazy Rich Asians, you see Korean influences all over the world with the rise of K-pop, Korean cosmetics and beauty, and so much Asian influence in the Western world. I feel that with the recent growing trends with Asian influences in the states should empower not just Asian men, but anyone of Asian descent, to finally let their voice be heard. I really love and appreciate PeterFever for this whole experience, helping me to grow and excel in my career.” 

Veteran PeterFever star of nearly 10 years Jessie Lee had a different take on his role in the Production as China Gold the 2nd, a rich Chinese Investor. The Character is supposed to be the son of “China Gold,” a hilarious character that Jessie played in the studio’s previous parody movie “The Deuce” where he had to wear an eye patch for the whole movie.

Jessie Lee is back as China Gold the 2nd

“I have to say that the Director and Producer are assholes, making me play an over-the-top campy character again. I have a sense of humor, but over-the-top campy isn’t my style. There were some dialogue that the guys had difficulty getting on camera without someone cracking up. Get it together assholes! But hey, being able to crack a smile and laugh is a good thing, right? To PeterFever and everyone who has contributed to breaking the gay Asian mold; God, you’re such lovable fuckers.”

Newcomer to studio porn but famous Filipino social media personality, Jake Perez, made his debut acting for the film. 

“I played as chief of staff for President Yang on this movie and I freak’n loved it… there were a lot of hot, kinky sexual styles and positions that were new to me and I loved trying. I’m so happy to be a part of the cast not just for the porn work, but also to promote and uplift Asian and Filipino people into doing mainstream and porn industry acting work,” he said. 

Another new porn star who has been setting the gay porn industry ablaze this year, Daniel Hausser, took a lot of time crafting his character and creating a deep and thoughtful personality that is perhaps unlike anything anyone has ever seen in a porn film. 

Jake Perez makes his studio debut on PeterFever

“I am Daniel Hausser and my character is Daniel Lewinsky based out of the Monica Lewinsky Scandal,” he said. “I enjoyed playing my character the most because I got to wear lots of interesting outfits for the character, create a unique hairstyle for him, and create a personality not similar to mine at all. It was very funny and very special and at the same time very put together. Over all I am very excited for people to meet Daniel Lewinsky because he is a psycho and you never know what he is gonna do next or who he really supports and cares for. He is very manipulative and very mysterious. But at the end his intentions do show a genuine person,” he explained.

“My favorite thing about working with PeterFever was the professionalism. We wanted a quality film and we made it. From great camera quality and acting and characters to the script. From the writers to director to producers to models everyone put their heart and soul into the project. Which helps for a very smooth and successful shoot. I can’t wait for everyone to watch this movie!” he exclaimed. 

Danny Zeeman concluded that he is a fan of Yang and is rooting for him in the upcoming debates, and hopes the movie brings him some new fans as well. 

“I’ve become very interested in Andrew Yang and feel like he is one of the only Democratic candidates to really have a fresh voice and interesting ideas to take us into the future,” he said. “Agree with him or not, his great attitude and honest personality are refreshing and if our movie can help his campaign in any way I’d be thrilled!”

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