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Yang Still a Dem Superstar

August 27th No Democrat Left Behind will present a town hall forum featuring many of the hottest congressional election candidates and they’ve chosen 2020 primary candidate Andrew Yang to serve as host. This is a sign that Yang’s campaign was no flash in the pan and he is still a vital part of the Democratic Coalition. Glad the #YangGang is still here and kicking!

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  1. Glad you are keeping the flame alive. Yang killed himself in the debates when he said he’d do a trial of his pet proposal of giving every qualifying citizen a minimum living stipend using just six people as a sample. That sounded so bush league he looked like a game show host on a low rated local cable show. I wanted someone like Mayor call him on it and say “why not combine that idea with the long ignored subject of reparations to African Americans for years of slavery and social subjugation? It would have been controversial but would have energized interest in many quarters. And just look, even the Republicans are waking up to the reality of “Stimulus” checks to average Americans as being the simplest and best use of tax money to pull people out of poverty and jump start the economy.

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