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Surviving Social Distancing: LA Club Streams Virtual Experience

It’s getting tough to be a social gay. The recent Florida circuit party Winter Party Miami turned into a hotspot for coronavirus exposure and in cities like NYC, LA and SF bars and clubs are forced to shut down for the time being. What’s a horny guy to do? And what about all those of our community who depend on club life for our living?

Fun in big numbers risks virus exposure, like 2020’s Winter Party Miami that led to multiple COVID-19 infections

North Hollywood’s Club Cobra is using some ingenuity to stay afloat in these tough times. This weekend the popular Latin-oriented nightclub and drag bar is taking to the internet to help their performers earn a bit, as well as provide a few jollies to online surfers. According to the LA TIMES:

The drag and go-go show must go on.

A gay nightclub in Los Angeles is planning a live-stream drag and go-go show on Friday night in hopes of helping out its performers who are unable to dance and lip-sync before regular clubgoers during the coronavirus shutdown in the city and beyond.

Club Cobra in North Hollywood announced on Thursday that its show will air live on the subscription platform OnlyFans. It will be in effect a streaming version of a weekend night of entertainment at a typical gay Latin nightclub in L.A. Club Cobra is owned by the same team behind the well-known Club Chico in Montebello; the clubs’ 32 employees work equally at both venues.

Los Angeles Times

The club assures authorities that no more than five people will be in the filming location room at a time to comply with anti-gathering regulations. What ways have you heard that your community has devised to stay together when we have to be physically apart?

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