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Serious Stuff! Calling Coronavirus “Chinese Virus” Fuels Hate Crimes Against Asians Worldwide

We’re in a time of crisis and extreme health emergency. But scapegoating responsibility by referring to the coronavirus as the “Chinese Virus”, “Wuhan Virus” or such extreme racist language as the “Kung Flu” is fueling hate attacks on people of Asian ancestry around the world. The latest in CNN, The Guardian, Forbes and PEOPLE magazine are news reports of singling out Asians for violence, hateful language and discrimination from Paris to London to Cleveland and beyond.

Photo: CNN reports on anti-Asian sentiment on the upswing during coronavirus pandemic

Check the news. People of Asian descent are being attacked, spat on, denied Air Bnb bookings, having art shows cancelled, and dozens of other examples great and small of day to day violence and discrimination. Don’t let this fly under the radar, and do your best to challenge any attempts to make innocent people responsible for the ravages and tribulations of a disease. Gay citizens around the world endured decades of blame for HIV, and we can’t let this injustice take over now with a new scapegoat. Speak up and support your Asian friends and even those you don’t know when you see examples of anti-Asian abuse!

Photo: NBC

Let’s get through this pandemic as better people, united and loving! Help your friends, neighbors, and perfect strangers. This disease is our common and only enemy.

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Ok, with all respect, I think you walked right into the CCP propaganda trap. Unless you stop using names like Zika virus, Ebola, German measles or Mers, you should have no problem with saying Chinese virus or Wuhan virus. And the refusal to use the latter two terms plays right into the CCP propaganda effort to shift the blame away from them. And screaming racism is an old tactic by them, they know how the West ticks in this regard. And chinese state media itself originally called it the Wuhan coronavirus. Is that racist as well?

    • Medical professionals around the world are unified in calling the virus novel coronavirus and the infection it causes COVID-19. There’s no good reason to call it anything but that, unless your aim is to demonize China and the Chinese people. It was a tipoff to the President’s intentions when we saw the page of his prepared text when he crossed off the term “coronavirus” and rewrote it in his signature black Sharpie as “Chinese virus”. He’s pointing a finger at China and Asia intentionally. (I don’t consider a right-wing site like the Daily Signal to be an unbiased observer.) This blog entry has the support of the site owner and management, and was intended to warn fans who know and love Asian gay men and others of the danger of hate crimes directed at them in this time of crisis.

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