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Daily Distraction Courtesy of YouTube

We’re all social distancing and have no lives outside our little bubbles right? Well here’s a few harmless little clips from Thailand, China and Hong Kong to keep our pulses elevated. Watch a shower scene from a gay-themed Bangkok soap, a sporty Chinese game show featuring young built guys in bikinis and sailor caps, a hilarious vlog about manscape waxing, plus an underwear modeling clip that ends with a pair of seethrough briefs and the hunky model with his hand covering his junk. You won’t need to know what’s going on or any of the dialogue to appreciate these.

Thanks YouTube! There are SOME nice things about staying home with no particular place to go….

FIN | นี่พี่เป็นอะไร…หรอครับ | เล่ห์ลับสลับร่าง | Ch3Thailand
First try on Boyzilian Waxing第一次尝试热蜡除毛 Ray Hair Design Studio
HB 男内裤香港牌子Hong Kong Men’s Underwear (Speaking in Cantonese, Mandarin & English)

Right now it’s more important than ever to stay at home and out of trouble, so keep your chin up and find fun wherever you can!

Written by PeterFever

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