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Social Distancing? Here’s Your Sexy Korean Youtube Workout

In many of our largest metropolitan areas, gyms and health clubs are closed for the time being. We can’t train at the gym, AND we’re missing that important visual stimulus of watching the great bodies getting their daily exercise? What’s a horny and bored gay to do?

Fortunately a pack of hot fitness studs from Korea, the ALLBLANC channel on YouTube, has uploaded a series of 5-minute training regimens. Beginners can do one round, or experienced training enthusiasts can go back for a second crack at the day’s exercises. There are many targeted workouts at their channel, but here are a selection of full-body, upper body and lower body sessions. Watch, work your body (or the parts that feel stimulated) and give your thanks to the original uploaders! Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? (Or maybe it’s just getting there, hardening up as we watch!)

Work it ALL out! with All Blanc
Get working that big muscle, down low where you need it!
Ready to work your tits off?

And don’t forget, there’s more where that came from! Keep watching this blog for more shut-in workout routines that will stimulate your body top to bottom!

Written by PeterFever

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