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Circle Jerk of Life 1: Losing My Religion

Door to door missionary Kai Cho has NO idea what he’s getting into when he’s invited into outrageous Jessie Lee’s chaotic gay no-holes-barred playground. As he enters, Dane Jaxson and Sunny D are in jockstraps sword fighting with French baguettes.

Kai’s innocent eyes pop open in shock along with some naughty curiosity about these wild goings-on. Jessie introduces himself as the leader of his own religion, with Sunny and Dane as his acolytes.

Sexy twink Dane offers to educate Kai in the ways of this horny tribe’s uninhibited “religion” and soon they are kissing with Dane unbuttoning the missionary’s starched dress shirt and grinding on his lap. Once Kai’s pants are down and his cock is halfway down Dane’s throat, he may be reconsidering his life choices so far. “Woah, what’s going on?” he exclaims when Dane strips naked, but Dane assures him “It’s God’s plan!” ‘

Just like that, Kai’s stiff cock is buried bareback in Dane’s holy hole. Leading him to the edge of the couch, Dane bends over and offers up his ass for some more deep plowing. “Are you ready to fulfill your mission?” which consists of breeding Dane’s cum-starved hole. Both hot twinks shoot their thick creamy wads. Now Kai’s seen other avenues to his salvation, and this is the one he’s ready to follow!

Written by PeterFever

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