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Circle Jerk Of Life Episode Two – Relax, It’s Just Sex!

While Kai and Dane are getting busy inside, Jessie Lee strips to his yoga tights to join Sunny D on the pool deck for some morning stretches. But a nice long look at Sunny’s firm round butt has Jessie planning to stretch something else.

He backs Sunny against the hot tub and makes his move. Peeling out of their tight black exercise pants, Jessie and Sunny take a quick mouthful of each other’s swelling cocks and get primed for the main bareback event.

These two Asian raw fuckers are horned up and don’t want to wait. Jessie open’s Sunny’s hole with a probing tongue then plows in deep. Grabbing his ample dick, Sunny starts stroking as his booty gets rammed and crammed full.

When they move to a sunny lounge chair, Sunny straddles Jessie and grinds his butt into each thrust. Lying back with one leg pointing up and wide open, Sunny gets a new stretch you can’t receive from yoga and Jessie heats up to the boiling point. Sunny sprays his sperm first across his smooth abs. Jessie pulls out for a few strokes and adds to the creamy splatter.

Written by PeterFever

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