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    Foam Rolling

    Lifting heavy weights isn’t the only thing that going to help you lift heavier weight. Recovery is just as important. Foam rolling helps get rid of adhesion in your muscles and connective tissue. I say for every hour I spend […] More

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    Making Weight

    So I’m 4 pounds over my power lifting weight class. I need to be 183 pounds by Saturday morning. Some people might think it’s a lot of weight to lose, but it’s really not. There are a few ways to […] More

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    Heat Wave

    Summer is heating up and it’s all the more reasons to be in booty shorts and tank tops. Slap on some sunblock and stay hydrated. During the summer, our bodies tend to sweat more and if we don’t replenish our […] More

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    Foam Roller

    With all the intense lifting in the gym, I’m bound to have muscle tightness and knots. It sucks because it decreases my performance. I really don’t have time to get injured or have my muscles move improperly. I recently purchased […] More

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    Bulking Phased Out

    I’ve decided to compete in power lifting competitions this year. I moved out of bodybuilding shows because it was too subjective and it’s very political. I give props for those who are still competing in this sport, I just can’t […] More

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    Belt or No Belt?

    I’ve been recording myself beating my Personal Record (PR) at the gym and uploading them to Youtube. I don’t know about you guys, but I get so motivated when I watch guys my size lifting an incredible amount of weights. […] More

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