Great Sierra Mountains

Mount WhitneyThis photo was taken from my cell phone at 5:45 AM, not bad huh! My photographer and I found the most unique location to shoot. After 30 minutes from where I was standing, the sky was clear blue, the mountains were white and the rocks closest to us were tan color. It was beautiful because it had so much vivid colors.

We drove 3 hours from LA to get here and it’s worth it. This whole week we added over 1,100 miles on the car, which equals out to be 7-8 hours of sitting. Just driving here, I saw such interesting scenery – from old railroad tracks, dry lakes, and a few ghost towns. Of course, we used these locations for other photo shoots too.

By 11:30 AM we finished shooting, checked out from our motel and had breakfast. I found our motel, named “Trailer Motel,” was an exceptional place to stay; I just recommend that they change their name to something better. It sounds more like Trailer Trash Motel. Nearby we visited a movie museum in town and learned that all the old western movies were filmed at our location. Some old movies before my time, but then as amazed that G.I. Joes, Ironman, and Tranformers 2 used the same location were I was standing. This place was great for four wheeling, dirt bike riding, and fishing. I’m definitely coming back to relax.

Written by PeterFever


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