Tanning in Half Moon Bay

Peter at the Beach

Sunday morning I headed to the beach with a few friends and they mentioned that every time they see me at the beach my swimming trucks are getting smaller and tighter. I said, “Hey, if you got – it flaunt it!” Plus the less clothes on me the more tan I get.

The weather was cold and cloudy at first, but after an hour the sky cleared up and the crowd started to pour in. Here is a picture on my dog; I was giving him some shade because I was told that white dogs are sensitive to sunlight. I was playing fetch with PJ for 3 hours; he was also jumping in the water with me. He is so brave. My friends and I were the only idiots without a body suit in the water because everyone in the Northern California knows that the water here is freaking cold. We couldn’t last more than 5 minutes. That’s what she said JK.

My poor dog is burned out from playing the whole day and being in the sun. He is so tired that he didn’t eat much today. From this day on, I plan to take PJ to the beach with me at least once a month. The only problem with bringing him to the beach is he comes back dirty, smelly, and pooped out.

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  1. hola que tierno que te ves con tu mascota ….sabes ere un oriental demasiademente hermoso tienes un cuerpo expectacular como haces para manternerlo un abrazo by

  2. Peter, you really look good in the photo. Yes you are right, if you have it you must flaunt it. No wonder u wear white, it is really translucent in that colour especially when you are wet. I am sure everyone will be “hot” seeing you walking around. How I wish I can be around too.

    Please do not give PJ away. He is very lovable and who will know what happen to him/her without you.

    I really hope you re-consider….

    • don’t worry Hang.. Peter made and posted a video where he said that he’s decided to keep PJ. I agree that in this latest photo they both look like they belong together.. notice how they both wore white ? Peter’s suit is sexy.. he should tell his friends that board-shorts tan-lines makes your legs look goofy.

  3. That’s so sweet with your dog. He is for sure exhausted but had fun playing with you in the beach. You really had a great tan there. Tanning under the sun I think is much safer than using tanning booths and looks more natural. As usual you always looks great. As you told your friends if you have ut flaunt it. Keep up the good work, goodluck, good health always, and take care

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