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New Toolbars!

Tonight my webmaster added a new toolbar on which works like the one on my new blog site With these toolbars you can find links to all of my Fan Pages, move quickly through the site using the new Quick Site Links, Translate the pages into 20 languages, see my YouTube videos, check out my PeterFever Teaser Photo Gallery and view my latest Blog updates.

Best of all I’m proud to offer everyone the chance to chat and even see video of each other on my new Video Chat Room. This is completely FREE and is available to everyone on my sites. In the near future, I will be doing some LIVE Video Chats with my members, so stay tuned! Check my Twitter, Facebook, and Blog updates for the dates I’ll be online.

Thanks again for coming to my website. I hope you cum often!

New Toolbar on PeterFever and Blog

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