Dating Tips for Singles

I’m single and I plan to be single for at least a year because I need a change in life. I usually jump from one relationship to another without having alone time. I’ve been hanging out with my single friends because they are not tied down by their girlfriends/boyfriends and I have developed some tips for singles I want to share with you.

It’s a fact that most people tend to find their mate within a short proximity of their home. The best time to meet other single people is on a weekday, typically on Tuesday or Thursday night at a bar. I say bar, but it could be any place that has alcohol because alcohol is your best wingman. You want to meet local people because your chances of hooking-up are greater. But why weekdays? If you think about it, only people who are single want to go out on weekdays; couples don’t see any point since they are with someone and they normally want to save their partying for the weekends.

If you plan to go out on a weekend, just remember that most people are less likely to start a conversation with you unless you know someone from their group of friends. You could be the best choice there, but if their friend’s don’t like you, it’s not going to happen.

Alcohol must be held in your left hand; leave your right hand available to initiate contact like a hand shake. The last thing you want to do is shake hands with a cold hand because you were holding your drink. And drink enough to get a light buzz, but not to the point where you can’t hold a conversation. Stay loose and relax. Keep in mind, this is all a numbers game so sometimes you will get rejected and other times you will score!

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  1. I dont like to hook up with people who i know have high chances of bumping into them on the streets, kinda awkward. although youre talking about dating and not hooking up, so this is something i should keep in mind, haha

  2. You write that most people tend to find their mate within a short proximity of their home. That might be true, but since most hook-ups are initiated on computer now.. you’ve got to consider that it’s possible to search the world for our ‘ideal’ partner. Nation wide, hook-up and gay bars are closing for lack of customers. Increasingly, young people who identify as gay, are less likely to be ostracized by their peers, and aren’t forced to leave their families and friends behind when they want to discover and develop their sexuality. That problematic drink cooled-hand you described is more likely to touch a keypad than another person. I’ve had cam sex with lots of young men who are extremely sexy.. and practiced and proficient in ways of getting themselves and their viewers off.. but who have never actually had physical sex with another man.. and aren’t necessarily wanting to do so. Cyber sex is immediate, convenient, cheap, gratifying, and disease and virus free. You no longer have to clean up and drive somewhere to hook-up and get off. It’s a part of what your appeal on PeterFever is all about. People subscribe to your site to view your erotic visual materials. Some prefer mild.. and others prefer wild.. and others like me lament that your wild is not wild enough. ‘Dating tips’ these days, as they relate to a bar scene pick-ups, are increasingly become irrelevant to what’s actually happening. The dating game and the sex scene have changed.. and are more and more frequently facilitated by a video screen. While the popular bar scene today is more about music, dancing, booze and drugs, and socializing with friends.

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