LAX Gate 13

Picture of LAXWhen I get hit on, it is usually guys who make the initial eye contact. Our eyes lock, then they will come up with an ice breaker to get the conversation rolling. This time around I was not only surprised by the ‘ice breaker’ but also the messenger.

It was 2:30 in the afternoon; I was still hung-over from the night before, and I figured I better brush my teeth before getting on the plane from LAX to SFO. I bought some Gatorade to help replenish my electrolytes, because I was feeling sick to the stomach. I sat down at the gate to read my book since I had 45 minutes before the plane was going to board. As I was getting comfortable this girl comes up to me with a British accent and says, “Hi, I noticed that you were sitting alone and wanted to ask if I could sit with you and chat?”

I assumed she was a fan of PeterFever or a blogger who recognized me and wanted an interview (this has happened on a few occasions). This girl was assertive, witty and confident.

As we were talking, I found out that she was a preschool teacher. “Ok,” I said to myself, “this conversation is going to be dull.” What I didn’t realize is why she really decided to speak with me. She pointed at my book, The Multi-Orgasmic Man. Needless to say I was a little embarrassed and I thought that would be the end of the conversation. But then she starts telling me that it’s a good book and that she was reading other similar books. We sat there and talked the entire 45 minutes about having multiple orgasms and other things we have learned and tried. By the end of our conversation I was able to conclude that she was a preschool teacher by day and a freak at night!

Needless to say, never judge a book by its cover or people by their occupation. As Forrest Gump’s mama would say, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

The Multi-Orgasmic Man

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Pete

    Great picture of LA, I would love to visit again.

    I bought this book adter reading your training books, actually. It is really interesting.

    You are right, eye contact is so important.
    Wonder if you will bring these “piercing eyes” to Tokyo. It is an amazing city, only compares to NY or London. Give it a try, I will make sure to attend your events here!

    Age-Ha is the biggest club.
    I never go but will have my debut if you come over! Must get signatures in all the books I got….


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