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The Ultimate Male Orgasm

I finally finished reading The Multi Orgasmic Man and reviewed some of the important chapters that I didn’t understand the first time around. I’m now practicing the art of loving making; it has amazing techniques about having a spiritual and sexual experience with yourself or your partner. This may sound crazy, but now when I have sex I don’t ejaculate anymore and it feels great.

Usually when people have sex, the man ejaculates and he is done. But holding back can extend sexual pleasure for hours. On a spiritual level it can have a more important meaning.

Taoists believe there is energy in our bodies called jing. Once our jing is gone, we die. Any loss of bodily fluids from going to the bathroom, spitting, crying, and especially ejaculating causes you to lose your jing faster. In other words, if you don’t ejaculate, you can actually live longer and fight off disease better. Even though some Taoist say it is ok to ejaculate, one of the main beliefs of Taoist sexual practice is retaining your semen, unless you are planning to have children.

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From "Hitchhiker 3" photo gallery on

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If you feel you must ejaculate occasionally, the book gives the following guidelines based on your age:

20’s – you can ejaculate every 4 days

30’s – every 8 days

40’s – every 10 days

50’s – every 20 days

60’s – never

When I first read this I thought there must be a mistake or I don’t understand it fully. But I always keep an open mind and I’m willing to try things myself before making a decision. After a few weeks, I learned how to give myself a whole body orgasm without having sex or an erection. Actually, these orgasms are even better than the ones I had when I use to ejaculate.

Now I’m not focused on ejaculating, instead I’m focused on my partner’s energy and the sex is terrific. Thanks Peter W. for sending this book to me, it is one of the best gift I’ve received.

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  1. this is commonly discussed among guys in HK.
    Taoist allows sex but forbids too much. According its saying, sex hurts our body.
    as I know, the purpose is to prolong our life by having less sex. eating is another element of long life.

  2. 1) HUH?

    2) I think ejaculating is a whole lotta goodness.

    3) If u ejaculate for the videos, won’t that be the same effect as u ejaculating in sex? OK, not that I’m complaining.

  3. Finally something that makes sense. Thought I was nuts at first but then after reading what you had written it made some sense. Let me tell you about my expierence and you let me know what you think. I had been working at this factory of auto parts of course and it was japanese owned. Well I got to know a couple of the Japanese guys there one worked in the office. Well, my first day working on 2nd shift i was there till 2 am in the morning when one of them, who I won’t say his name, walked up to me and introduced himself. We exchanged names and then he left. He was one Hot looking guy and something told me he was either bi-sexual or gay. It was a bit hard to tell, although he does pluck hi eyebrows so I don’t know. Anyway, I’d see him from time to time and we both had an attraction to each other. I lie to you not but it seemed everytime I was thinking of him BOOM! there he was. To make matters even more wierd, it seemed as if when he was close by I could sense him also by his scent. Now don’t get me wrong, the man was clean and prided himself in his cleanliness. Anyway you know how they say that in the animal world some male can’t smell the scent of a female, well not that this guy was female LOL. Anyway, I grew such a desire and passion to want to be with him. I however, didn’t want to take the risk and proposition him then to get fired for sexual harrassment later, so I had to just admire him from the distance. Anyway, each time I would think of him or even if he walked by my I swear I would get this inner orgasim in me. Sometimes it was so intense that I was like what the hell and would have to stop working on what I was working on just to finish. There were a few times I worried I had creamed my jeans but luckily no. I think that my attraction to him was so strong that I was able to achieve an inner orgasim. Strange I know and you’ll probably think I’m stupid but no I did feel this everytime he was around or if I just thought about him. So yea, what you said about having an orgasim with out ejectulating makes sense to me. Sometimes it was so intenese he was great. I tried explaining this to this friend of mine who thought I was crazy. I was starting to wonder that myself. Thanks anyway for your sexual tip and info. I do believe you can have an orgasim without ejeculating.

  4. Hey Peter:

    First of all, let me say that to each its own and if that’s the way u want to go, then I wish u all the best. Now, just my personal concern with this is that with body to body contact with another partner, how will u prevent yourself from ejaculating and would that prove to be a disappointment with your partners as well. Also, if I recall, you had mentioned that u were a Scorpion and if I’m correct about this, I have had several partners who are and they have proven to have an highly sexual appetite. Furthermore, I can recall the story that you’ve written in your earlier blog posts that had mentioned how horny u were when u made the bet with ur buddy about holding out for a few days, and u had to release because u craved that body contact. With all that being said..I wish u the best, but its going to be interesting to see how this works out for you..Good luck…

    • I totally agree with Jax on this one.

      It was even on DiscoveryHealth awhile back.

      On a different note..,

      What have you heard about men trying to maintain the length of their penis, after they start hitting their mid-late thirties and early forties?

      I think that if you dont use it, you lose it. In this case, it is actually better to massage your penis for long periods of time, and if at all possible, to refrain from ejaculating, as the quick release of blood from the penis, tends to have adverse affects on stunting the overall length of ones penis. Better to let the blood leave the penis in a slow fashion, in other words, once you’re finished massaging it, just leave it alone.

      As for the whole ejaculating thing. I think that you should massage you penis everyday, or multiple times a day, without ejaculating. But definitely set aside one day a week to BUST ONE LOOSE!!!

      And hey!! if you can capture that one day a week on video, then you might just be the next PETER-FEVER. =p

      Happy Stroking

    • M.. you’re right about penis shrinkage as guys get older. I think it’s tied to lower testosterone levels. I was concerned about my shrinking cock and got a penis pump. (not a cheap one either) At the time, I was into edging and extended cock-play webcam sessions, and pumping was something I wanted to try. In my 20’s and 30’s, I had an 8 inch cock, and now when I’m hard, I have a 6 or almost 7 inch cock. After pumping twice a week for a couple of months.. I grew my cock’s length by only a little more than half an inch.. but I gained over an inch in circumference.. and my cock began to stay at a semi-hard length, whether I was stimulating it or not. The head and shaft were bigger, more meaty, and when hard, it felt considerably heavier in my hand. The more blood you get into your cock’s tissues and vascular system.. and the longer you keep it there.. the longer and bigger and more pliable the cock will become. Your advice on cock massage and fluid and blood retention is valid and effective. But getting hard often, for extended periods of time, while retaining blood and fluids in the cock with a cock ring is what really works. Ejaculating or not, It’s use it.. or partially lose it.

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