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Dirty Laundry – New Video Directed by ME

Today is laundry day, I found my roommates laundry mixed in with mine. I couldn’t help myself and I started sniffing all of his dirty laundry and then rubbed it all over my body. Oh, the smell of his sweat mixed with his cologne is so fucking hot. You have to check this out. My buddy filmed me getting off on this.

Underwear  Sniffer
Underwear Sniffer

This is my first time acting, directing, and editing the entire video from start to finish. Tell me what you think.

At Least My Ass is Clean
At Least My Ass is Clean

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Nice work Peter! But indeed after you changed to a new layout/navigation on your site your videos keep stalling every few seconds. That never happened before.

    • My servers are plenty fast; it has to do with the size of the files and your internet speed. Most of the videos are 350Megs to keep maximum definition. I will start working on creating smaller versions for people that have slower internet speed since I’m editing the videos myself now. Maybe 3 versions, 1080, 720, and 480?

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