Positive Therapy at the Beach

Whenever I feel negative energy building up in me, I know it is time to go to the beach. It really doesn’t matter if it is hot or foggy; there is something about the ocean that just pulls the negative energy out of me. I’m lucky because the beach is less than a 45 minute drive away.

When I get out of the car and the clean ocean air hits my face, the cleansing has already begun. The long walk from the car to the edge of the water releases any physical tension built-up. I find a quiet place on the beach to sit. As I sit facing the ocean, I become aware of my surroundings. I see the birds flying overhead, I hear the waves crashing along the shore, and feel the warm sand under my feet.

With each pulse of the tide, more and more of that negative energy is drained from me. My mind is finally free to absorb the positive energy around me. Today is sunny and the light is energizing me like a human solar panel, charging my body with positive thoughts and feelings.

Peter Le At the Beach
Peter Le At the Beach

I stay as long as I can, normally it is only for a couple of hours, but that is all I need today. I’m recharged and can spread my positive energy to others around me; my clients, my friends, even people passing by.

Sometimes I can’t make it to the beach and that is when I recall the days I did make it. Just thinking about the entire process often has the same results. I’m lucky that I have found a way to release my negative energy and replace it with positive energy. I think this is important to share with you so you know that there are always two ways to do things, you can either take it out on others or you can set yourself free; I prefer the latter of the two.

I would like to hear from all of you. What do you do to release the negative energy that sometimes builds up inside of you?

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